Press Release Tips

How To Write An Effective Press Release Headline That Grips

Considering the famous headline ‘Do not Judge a book by its cover’. Like every other stereotype, this statement also has an amount of hidden truth behind it. People do tend to judge a book by its cover. The title or topic is the first thing that helps one decide if they will go further with the content. A headline is an insight into what’s coming up next. Just like the objective of your resume is an 11-second insight via which an interviewer decides whether to go ahead with your candidature or not.

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Public Relations

Public Relations and Its Challenges

Public relations is an integral tool for organizational effectiveness. An organization has no credibility or awareness about unless its actions and contributions are communicated to the audience. A PR agency bridges this gap and enhances a brand’s recognition relevant to the public eye. The activities of a PR agent adds to goodwill of a brand. These communications attract investors and businesses. The communications and activities not only influence the external environment but also the internal environment of an organization.

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