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Public relations agency helps you with the same.

Who does not want to get space in media? Many people and brands dream of media coverage. But it seems difficult for many. The reason behind it is; less understanding about media. Many of us are clueless about media functionality. They feel that it is almost impossible to get media coverage.

But it is not like what it seems. If done correctly, getting media coverage is not a big deal. It requires strategy and awareness. That is why it calls for attention from the experts as well. Finding space at the time of COVID-19 is still a challenge. Due to the COVID situation, many newspapers stopped their operations or slacked the pages that were earlier present. 

Here I am going to mention a few points; if followed correctly, it will get you the media attention.

Email Formation- Email formation is not an easy task. It is an art that can be learned. The email must be written carefully. Look, when you write an email, it provides you with an opportunity to communicate clearly. If you are not able to communicate clearly, you can’t put your points forward. It will become difficult for other people to find out the value of your communication. Hence, practice writing emails.

Research- If you are going to send a piece of information that is not well-researched, people are not going to find anything different in that. The most important job of a Media person is to do the research and provide correct information to the audience. The media coverage is only possible if you can get support from the journalists. And support attracts support. Try helping out journalists with the right set of researched data. It will also help you to build a long-term relationship.

Story peg creation- You can get your story published, only if you have something unique to tell. Uniqueness does not come from somewhere. Thinking creative can solve this problem. Read as much as a story you can from the related topics. Reading and understanding the current topics and markets will push your mind to generate some unique story. If it still does not work, try taking help from a professional PR agency.

Unclear agenda- No one wants to walk in the dark. Unclear agenda is like that only. It is like walking in the dark. Make sure that you are clear about your objective. Make sure that the journalists also know about your agenda. Be honest. Tell them exactly what you are looking at. People appreciate honesty. Make your agenda clear. Make it viable for the other party as well. Use a win-win attitude for the same.

Wrong Journalists- There is an old saying if you want to sell a comb to a bald person, it’s almost impossible. The same example applies here. If you are selling a story that is not going to create value for the journalists that you are selling; it’s unlikely that the journalists are going to be of any help. Do your research correctly, and try to find out the right journalists for your story. Pitch them with grace. You will be surprised that they will show interest in your story.

Style of follow-up- Please remember one thing. Journalists do not need you if you are a small player. So, you should be patient. Don’t push the journalists and don’t follow-up hard. Give them time. They also work under deadline. Please respect their space. Be respectful. Try helping them. Before calling first ask them about their availability. While following up, patience is the key.

Wrong media house- Another big challenge is to determine the right media houses. It is a process. First of all, one has to know about their target audiences and decide that the media houses that they are approaching; whether their target audience going to enjoy the story?  Will it be of any help to the media house? Does that particular media cover that kind of content? These things are crucial to be determined.

Brand Profile- Create a good brand profile. Don’t rush. Wait. Give yourself some time. Use past experiences and testimonials to create a good brand profile. A well-drafted brand profile acts as the main attraction. Don’t use the old format. Use something unique. Create new ideas. Create unique ways to communicate about your brand. It will bring you media attention.

Shock them with a unique campaign- Media always wants something new. They need to cover a story worth reading. They have to think about keeping the interest of their audience as well. So, what you can do is; create something unique. Remember to come up with a beautiful campaign, it grabs so much media attention. Use these kinds of campaigns and ideas to get the eyeball.

Building relationship- If you are not getting a reply from the journalists it might be possible that you will have to work hard to build a relationship, to meet the journalists. If due to a pandemic, they don’t agree to meet, meet them over the video call. Meet them over WhatsApp video or google meet etc. Make sure that you establish a relationship first. Try becoming a friend. Help them and they are going to revert to you.

Avoid social media- Many journalists don’t want to use social media for their professional use. Don’t approach them over social media. Use a more professional way. Like LinkedIn or email. Send an email and don’t just follow-up next. Wait for a day or two. Waiting for two days for an email is advisable. Use this time to help them with some supportive data. But make sure that you don’t use social media. If they become your friend then using social media makes sense.

Put yourself in their shoes- Look, if you want to understand someone, nothing could be better than, putting yourself in their shoes. Think from a journalist’s point of view. What matters to you not necessarily will matter to a journalist as well. They do their job seriously. Hence support them with their job. Try acting as a journalist and you will find a way to get yourself featured.

Respect their time- If you genuinely want to get coverage, start respecting the time of the journalist. They are mostly overloaded with work. Don’t become a burden for them.

If you follow the above-mentioned ways, you are going to get coverages. Look, please try to understand that, they are also human like us. Media has its own limitations. They cannot cover anyone or everyone. They have to make the distinction. You must understand that. If it is becoming difficult for you, then you should think about hiring an agency. A good PR agency can help you out with all your requirements, from strategizing content to creating a strong profile. A best pr agency in Delhi can also evaluate your probability of getting media coverage beforehand. Hence, if you want to get it done by yourself, please keep all the above points in mind else hire a PR agency and make your life easier.


Twenty7 Inc. is a creative communication PR Agency with 360-degree solutions for integrated brand building of the business/ clients. Deciphering the clients and their target audience, we devise customized innovative strategies that best suit the requirements of their business and fetches the desired result of establishing them as ingenious thought leaders in the sector. We at Twent7 Inc. have a very practical disposition and staunchly believe in adapting to the changing scenario of the market. Likewise, the narrative of the storytelling/ message is shaped to deliver exclusive results that stay relevant to the brand and also their audience.

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