How PR agency in Delhi is coping up with the Covid-19 situation?

How PR agency in Delhi is coping up with the Covid-19 situation?

The best PR agency is putting its best foot forward.

India has been seeing quite a raise indaily coronavirus cases. The number of coronavirus cases is about to touch themark of 20 lac in India. But the recovery rate is also quite high. This is apositive sign for Indians.

Delhi was amongst the top 3 states with the highest number of COVID-19 cases, but with the joint effort by the central government and Delhi government, Delhi has seen quite a big dip in the COVID-19 cases. The number of daily cases has come down to less than 900 per day and this is certainly a win by the Delhi government.

What does this mean for the business?

As most of the companies are working fromhome, in this scenario Delhi scene is looking much better. The festive seasonin India has just arrived and with the Covid-19 improvement, we can expectmarket growth. Hence, the business opportunities are set to rise as well. ThePR agency in Delhi is also looking at the possibilities that the market isabout to present.

What PR agency in Delhi can expect?

We in Twent7 Inc have also interacted with many clients and they are very positive about the future. Whereas the market will indeed take this year to come entirely on the track. But PR agencies should start talking to the brands now to fetch new clients and take a lead in the market. But A PR agency should not focus on the travel and event segment. These are the segments that are hit hard with the pandemic; hence the business prospects are limited in these segments.

Rather segments like startups andhealthcare are booming and we can expect growth in these segments especially.

Hence, I believe PR agencies should focuson these segments to tap prospects.

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