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How do you define if your PR agency is good or bad? How can you understand that if your PR agency is really having the right strategy to reach your target audience? How can you measure if your PR agency is able to achieve required results for your brand?

First of all it’s really difficult to understand for any mid level or startup to understand, what role their PR agency is playing in their branding. The main purpose of PR agency is to make sure that the communication reaches in the right direction to the target group. And it totally depends on the PR agency to decide the kind of strategy, which will help a brand to reach the required goal. Now as far as brand is concerned, it should be clear to the brand also that what kind of strategy your PR agency is making to help you reach, your brand goal.

Here are four major points for any brand to ask to their PR agency and understand by them if the strategy is right:

  1. Goals
  2. Objective
  3. Strategy
  4. Tactics

Above given four points will help you to understand the strategy what your PR agency is following. If your PR agency is just giving your coverage’s in newspapers and magazines, without deciding your communication goal and objective, it is of no use. I would like to give you’re an example. If you are going to watch a cricket match, your goal should be watching the cricket match, and your objective would be to get there on time. Of course before the match starts. The strategy should be, by what time you are going to wake up in the morning and by what time you are going to get to the stadium. You decide your strategy beforehand and then tactics include the action and every particular detail on which you are going to act to make sure that you achieve the goal.

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Now it’s really important for any brand to understand by them if you are really clear about their goal. And if you are really clear about your goal, a good PR agency can help you decide objectives, strategy, and tactics for your brand. So this is very important for any brand to choose such PR agency which will help you in establishing your image and communicate to your target audience. As you can decide yourself if your PR agency is good or bad.



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