11 Mistakes Businesses Often Make While Pitching On the News Media

11 Mistakes Businesses Often Make While Pitching On the News Media

Synopsis: Most of the businesses use media for information sharing,promotion, branding and others but many of these don’t get the expectedresults. The reason is- ‘committing some simple to do mistakes unknowingly’.Are you also doing the same? 

11 Mistakes Businesses Often Make While Pitching On the News Media

The media is the most trustworthy publicity channel for businesses to share the message and to address the target audience. News media plays a vital role in building and strengthening the brand image. The importance of news media has increased manifold with the growing importance of public relations for the success of businesses. Pitching right on news media is a critical task that needs a strategic approach fine-tuned for particular objectives. Most of the businesses use media for information sharing, promotion, branding, and others but many of these don’t get the expected results. The reason is- ‘committing some simple to do mistakes unknowingly’.

Eleven Mistakes You Should Avoid While Pitching On The News Media:

1. Not Pitching the information to Right Person:

If the high numbers of media releases are going unnoticed, it means your PR professionals are not tapping the right people.

Strategy: One solution doesn’t fit to all. Tap the right personfor the particular news.

2. Making News Content Sales-Oriented or Too Generic:  

Too generic media content loses its value. The sales-oriented media content is discarded by the most judging it as a promotional offer.    

Strategy: Make the media pitches information-oriented, authoritative, informing, and promising.   

3. Sharing News Content without Personalization:  

Don’t expect much from the common ‘spray & pray’ practice. The news releases shared without personalized touch, often go unread.   

Strategy: Add a personalized touch to media pitches to make therecipient feel – ‘you care your customers ’.  

4. Using Sprinting Policy for Media Releases

Some businesses make the reputation of building a sprint process. The common practice of releasing numbers of newsletters and press releases frequently and then stopping the process distracts the target audience.

Strategy: Plan for media releases to maintain consistency andvalues.

5. Using News Media without Proper Research: 

Media releases made without objective oriented research result in annoyed recipients. Sharing irrelevant information impacts the brand image.

Strategy: Find the answers to ‘why’, ‘when’, and ‘whom’ before planning for ‘how’.   

6. Using News Media Desperately:

Too much or too frequent information sharing kills the interest of recipients.

Strategy: Make pitching on the news media a regular time-framedprocess.

“Don’t build links. Build relationships.” Rand Fishkin  

7. Sharing The Same Story:

Your customers and other stakeholders want to know about the latest developments of their interests. Sharing of same information repeatedly in different forms distracts the target audience.

Strategy: Each media release must have some valuableinformation. 

8. Not Accepting the Reality:

The businesses often take their brand image popularity, products’ acceptance and buyers’ interest for granted; therefore, the numbers of news media releases go unread.

Strategy: Before structuring the media releases, do researchwork to fix the start-up line.    

9. Sharing Too Long Business Pitches:

Descriptive or lengthy pitches fail to keep the target audience interested to go through. Who has time to read lengthy media reports?

Strategy: Keep the media content precise and relevant totitle. 

10. Not Offering The Value:

The media pitches without any value for audience often go waste delivering nothing but the cost.

Strategy: Add values to your shared stories like offers,discounts, new arrivals etc.  

11. Title Is Boring:

The media pitch without interest arousing topic/ title is more likely to be ignored.

Strategy: The title of news media release must be informing, interesting, and engaging. 

Concluding Note:

Getting your brand noticed in news media needs aprofessional strategy. You mightknow your business better but you might not have the required insights forbuilding and strengthening the PR through news media. Here, you need to hire the best promising PR agencywith certified credentials.  

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